Life is beautiful

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About me:

I’m Ao Liu, Ph.D., a data, technology, science, and most importantly, life enthusiast.

I am currently a senior scientific/technical project manager at the University of Chicago’s Center for Translational Data Science (CTDS). Prior to that, I was the Deputy Director of Research at Euclid Techlabs, LLC. I have a background in Physics and I’ve been enjoying program management and R&D. I am proudly an Indiana University Bloomington and Lanzhou University alumni. More can be found on my LinkedIn.

About me (life):
I have many hobbies. I write poems and stories, I dance Zumba and sing, I workout, draw, program, watch lots of movies.
I have a beautiful, beloved baby girl, Summer. (中文名晴曦)

Work Number: (331)253-2520 
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