Adding user defined dictionary to Eclipse to add new words to spelling check

After installation of Eclipse, Eclipse automatically starts to check spellings for you. It uses its default dictionary file and you may find many words that you use on your daily basis do not exist (yet) in the default dictionary. How to add them?

Unless you provide a user-defined dictionary for Eclipse, no new words can be added. In order to do this, you may first download a standard US-English dictionary from:

Unzip the package after downloading. Copy the “en_US.dic” file to some folder (one that you keep Eclipse library files, for example. One that you don’t delete easily).

Open Eclipse-Preferences-General-Editors-Text Editors-Spelling, Make sure that the “Enable spell checking” is checked. In the “dictionary-User defined dictionary” section, copy the full path of the above pasted dictionary file. For me, it is


Thus the page will look like this

Click Apply or OK. Now you will be able to add new words to the dictionary.  For example: