AOCalc – beam basics: relativity factors, convert Kin. Energy to P, energy/momentum spread

About AOCalc:

Accelerator-Oriented Calculator, AOCalc, is a collection of calculator tools used for the convenience of accelerator physics research and studies.

How to use:

Simple. Put the mass, kinetic energy or momentum, energy spread or momentum spread (optional) in the input bars and click on Calculate.

Mass of some common particles in MeV/c^2:
electron/positron: 0.511;
proton/pbar: 931.5;
mu+/mu-: 105.66;
pi+/pi-: 139.57;
kaon+/kaon-: 493.68;
Check mass of heavy ions in the PDG table.

Particle Mass:

Energy or Momentum (select unit):

dE/E or dP/P (optional):

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Kinetic Energy [MeV]:

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